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Joystick Controls for Mining Draglines with Swing Invent

Spohn + Burkhardt Joystick HS2 - Leveltec

Spohn + Burkhardt Joystick HS2 – Leveltec

Gessmann Joystick V11

Gessmann Joystick V11

Ergonomically designed, the Swing Invent Holdings Joystick Control provides optimal comfort and ease of use while promoting Occupational Health and Safety best practices in the mining, electrical and mechanical industries.

Recognising the need for a joystick control that offers full flexibility of movement and fits seamlessly into draglines and shovels, it features a twist action that supports both the body and the wrist. Swing Invent have brought to market a next generation control that complements their innovative range of Swing Invent Pedal Assemblies and accessories. Providing operational solutions that streamline your business.

Swing Invent Holdings offer a comprehensive range of joystick controls designed to provide enhanced operator assistance while reducing fatigue, repetitive strain and discomfort. The SIH joystick control will effectively reduce dragline & power wire rope shovel downtime and increase productivity and can be complemented with engineered brackets featuring a resolver that provides optimal positional control. Featuring a number of innovative capabilities that enables the joystick to be replaced both quickly and efficiently they can be retrofitted with ease. Redefining innovation, Swing Invent the swing pedal specialists offer complete solutions to support mining companies both in Australia and the US, including BHP Billiton, Wesfarmers Resources, Rio Tinto Coal Australia and more.


Ergonomic Engineering

  • Recommended by ergonomic engineers, the joystick control limits the twisting action and increased risk of RSI (repetitive strain injury) that becomes more prevalent as operators age.
  • Many mining companies have overcome this potentially costly issue by installing select switches that allows the operator to alternate between pedal or joystick control as they prefer.

Where the Workplace and Wellbeing Meet

With safety and ergonomic comfort and support driving the design, the associated costs of workplace injury, insurance and loss of productivity can have a detrimental impact on the viability of your business. SIH Pedal Assemblies and joystick controls are designed to support and protect the wellbeing of your workforce and significantly reduce injury-related losses.

Using cutting edge technology and CAD design, Geoff the founder of Swing Invent Holdings combines both innovation and automation to deliver state of the art mining equipment that continues to revolutionise the way mining companies operate. All SIH products are built to withstand and endure and provide enhanced safety features.

Increase Productivity with Ergonomics

From swing pedals to joystick controls, Swing Invent have an operational solution for your business. Call Geoff today on +61 413 229 293 or fill out our online enquiry form for further information.

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