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Market Leading Floor Side Rotation Brackets and Swing Pedals

Discover the industry leading range of floor mounted applications from Swing Invent Holdings, the swing pedal specialists. A formidable addition to the collection is the Floor Side Rotation Bracket, created to provide optimal flexibility with its effective capacity to rotate as required, delivering optimal functionality and therefore increased productivity.

Creating a range of next generation products that are designed to minimise risk and support ergonomic work practices, Swing Invent Holdings floor mounted applications will work to reduce dragline and power rope shovel downtime, while offering technically advanced cutting edge swing pedal design and accessories. The accessories have been manufactured to address users of Motion, P & H, Marion, BE and Caterpillar configurations, significantly reducing the costs associated with replacement or refitting.

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Built to Offer a Streamlined Performance

The Swing Invent Holdings Pedal Assemblies are designed to deliver:

  1. A one-foot operation for safety and accident prevention
  2. An automatic protective signal shutoff feature
  3. Unrivalled ergonomic pedal action for optimal comfort
  4. A streamlined uncluttered profile
  5. Various output control options

Reduce Operational Downtime

  • Easy to deploy and place
  • Offers cost effective maintenance and comprehensive support options
  • Delivers 2 hours of saved dragline and hydraulic shovel downtime
  • 24-hour access to online detailed product descriptions (pedal demonstrations / downloadable parts manuals)
  • All SIH products are built to withstand and endure and provide enhanced safety features
  1. Ergonomic Pedal Action
    Featuring a narrow pedal stance and pivoting pedal action, it provides a natural, comfortable working position designed to minimise the risk of repetitive strain injury and workplace losses.
  2. A Streamlined, Uncluttered Profile to Optimise Space
    Creating circulation space and reducing risk of obstruction, the confined console area becomes a safer and more productive workspace.
  3. Fully Customisable Operator Settings to Suit All
    Offering a fully customised fit for all operators, the SIH pedals can be rotated as required for safety, regardless of who takes the controls.
  4. One-Foot Operation Functionality
    Brilliantly responsive, the one-foot operation requires minimal physical exertion and results in fewer repetitive strain injuries for operators and workplace losses.
  5. Automatic Signal Shutoff – Preventing Accidents
    Should both feet leave the pedals at any stage, the pedal will return to neutral and cut the signal to the dragline pedal. An advanced safety feature that protects all workers both inside and outside of the cabin in the event of an accident or if the console is left unattended for any length of time.
  6. Flexible Pedal Rotation
    Providing an ergonomically sound centre pedal rotation via the centre line of the pedal, the pedal is designed to lower the positioning of the heel, thereby increasing comfort levels for the duration of the operators shift for both men and women. Boasting enhanced adaptability, it is suitable for differing frame sizes, which enables a more precise positioning of the feet.

Superior Floor Side Rotation Brackets

For solutions that maximise the performance of your power rope shovels and dragline operations, discuss your needs with Geoff, the swing pedal specialist today. Call on +61 413 229 293 or fill out our online enquiry for further details.

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