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SIH Swing Pedals

Work Smarter and Safer with SIH Swing Pedals

Mechanical aids that are purpose-built streamline labour intensive activities. When you are operating large-scale industrial machines like dragline excavators and shovels it is imperative that you maximise your return-on-investment by making every process as efficient as possible.

Time wasted using inferior, outdated equipment will negatively impact your operational productivity. When you are grappling with the controls and tolerating system quirks, a couple of minutes here and there can add up to hours—days—of performance downtime.

Also, exposed cables, older gear and sticky controls are not ideal in terms of occupational health & safety. Perhaps it is time to consider a modern solution?

The team at Swing Invent understand that ease-of-use, minimal calibration and durability are important considerations for industrialists looking to upgrade their heavy machinery. Contact us today to learn more about how our SIH Swing Pedals can help you.


Key SIH Swing Pedal Features

Safety First

  • Recessed cable entries eliminate tripping hazards and offer better mechanical protection
  • Our engineers have stress-tested the pedals in the event an operator stands on the tip
  • Auto-neutral positioning via the springs housing allows operators to release brakes easily and safely without needing to feather the pedals

Simple Installation and Maintenance

Technicians will have easy access to the control gear mounted inside the pedal housing by removing the large machined aluminium cover plate.

To exchange the assembly simply remove two connecting cable plugs and four mounting bolts.

  • Spare parts readily available worldwide
  • Various mounting options for specific applications

Technical Specifications

The SIH Swing Pedal is fitted with non-perishable parts and is designed to prevent ingress of contaminants that might damage the control gear.

  • Cast aluminium pedal housing
  • non-slip tread that is heat treated for better durability
  • Low profile housing with all control gear mounted internally
  • Compression spring pressure with variable options
  • Heavy duty linkages (adjustable) operate in tension rather than compression
  • Machined nylon stop blocks are mounted either side of the pedal housing and have a large surface area eliminating over-travel of internal control gear
  • Parts manual included

Upgrade with SIH Swing Pedals Today

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